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Joint Crisis Observation Team

As the Ukraine situation, together with other political / military crises, becomes more and more explosive, the Secretary of the Federated Micronations has assembled a team composed of experts from the State Department of the FM, the Federal Arms and Defense Organisation, the Joint Sovereign Forces and the Bank of the Federated Micronations, led by Gen. A. Guha (CDF /JSF).

Starting from 2022.01.28., information on the Ukraine situation will be consolidated on the JCOT pages.

BREAKING: On 2022.02.24, the Russian agression against Ukraine has begun with air and artillery attacks and a land invasion from multiple sides.

The attack comes as predicted by JCOT, only some days after the originally predicted time window. The main task of JCOT now is to observe and analyze the conflict and especially predict further developments both in Ukraine and in other affected countries, also to help preparing the FM and allied countries for further shocks. Other organisations within the FM will be tasked with support of Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

The JCOT has decided to support the newspaper KiyvIndependent which provides an independent English language view of Ukraine. You can support it too via gofundme .

FM funds have also been donated to Blue-Yellow , an NGO located in Lithuania, sending support to Ukraine. In the current situation, it is advisable not to transfer money to Ukrainian banks directly, as those funds might fall into the hands of the agressor.

The following twitter sources of information are currently seen as both up-to-date and reliable:

In addition, UAmap , a map based information service, may be helpful.

An extremely valuable source of inside knowledge is the 2017 novel "War with Russia" by General Sir Richard Shirreff . In the form of a novel, the former DSACEUR (Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe) relates the playbook of a Russian attack against Ukraine and the Baltic states as seen by highest level military experts in 2017. Many of the elements in this book echo current developments and government behaviours.

JCOT uses the Twitter handle JCOT_FM , used mostly to collect relevant tweets by others, commenting only in selected cases.