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Joint Sovereign Forces of Musania

The Joint Sovereign Forces of Musania consist of dedicated units from all of the states of the Federated Micronations, They operate under an unified command structure, currently led by Gen. R. dell' Estate (NDF). According to the Constitution of the Federated Micronations, adopted on 2022.10.03, the JSFM are the Armed Forces of the Federated Micronations of Musania. In their internal management and on their bases, the JSFM operate as a sovereign entity.

The states of the Federation continue to operate their own Territorial Defense Forces, Air Defense and Coast Guard Units, in cooperation with the JSFM.

FADO continues to co-exist with the JSFM, as an organisation dedicated to facilitate cooperation between all armed forces within the Federation, especially in regards to procurement and electronic communication.


The HQ of the JSFM is located at the Bristow Joint Sovereign Base at the Pejne River, Balanda Republic. Further official bases are located in Capricornia (Binalong Base), Naquarnia (Crocelingia Base), Dershowo Musograd (Redrok Air Base and Kosnice Marine Base) and SR Murwillumbah (Beynon Security Installation).


Currently, units from Balanda Republic, Capricornia, Musograd and Naquarnia are fully integrated into the JSFM. From Musograd, the Strategic Air Command and the Strategic Navy Command forces have declared their integration into the JSFM. The SR Murwillumbah is preparing to integrate its Autonomous Technology Forces (ATF) and one new Brigade into the JSF and is supplying Perimeter Security Forces to safeguard the BSI in its eastern region.

The following structure has been implemented:

  • JSAC - Joint Strategic Air Command
  • JSN - Joint Strategic Navy
  • 1st Division of the JSFM, consisting of 3 Brigades from Capricornia, Musograd and Naquarnia.
  • 2nd Division of the JSFM, consisting of 3 Brigades from Musograd, Balanda Republic and Capricornia.
  • 3rd Division of the JSFM, consisting of 2 Brigades from Balanda Republic and Murwillumbah plus an Integrated Special Operations Brigade with members from all states.

Tactical Air Wings of the respective Air Forces will be aligned to each of the Divisions.

Joint Strategic Navy

The JSN operates Command and Service Ships (CSS), Submarines (U) and Fast Cruisers (FC), plus a number of smaller special purpose vessels.

The three submarines are:

  • U01 - LMIB "Love Me In Black"
  • U02 - LWFH "Long Way From Home"
  • U03 - LITO "Lost In The Ozone"

The three CSS's are:

  • CSS 01 "Lord Dershowo" - currently under repair
  • CSS 02 "Federacija"
  • CSS 03 "Fiddlers Green"

The currently two FCs are:

  • FC 01 "Foregone Conclusion"
  • FC 02 "Worst Case Scenario"

Coat of arms and Flag

The JSFM carry the Flag of the Federated Micronations. A Coat of Arms has not yet been adopted. The Joint Sovereign Bases are allowed to carry their own Flags.

Flag of the Bristow JSB Flag of the Bristow JSB

Postal Service

The postal service for all JSFM bases and for active units is provided by CPEA. The stamps issued for the Bristow JSB are valid for postage in all of them. It is planned to issue definitive stamps reflecting the extension of CPEA service to all JSFM bases.