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Federal Evacuation Agency

The Federal Evacuation Agency has been in existence since the 1990ies, with the task of preparing the evacuation of the population in the case of a national emergency. A partner organisation of the Settlement Agency, it was reduced to a stub organisation in 2004, after the end of the Australijan Settlement policy. In January 2015, the organisation was revitalized due to the worsening political and economical situation in the countries surrounding the Musanian Lands. An Advisory Council has been formed by experts and strategic advisors from all states of the Federated Micronations.

First conclusions of the AC are the following:

  • A change of elements of the economic base of the FM is advisable, especially in regards to the isolation of the current productive forces from external exchange, which is not sustainable much longer.
  • One goal would be to focus on ecological production environments, to achieve higher levels of identification and motivation
  • Another goal would be to concentrate on deep experience in technologies which are portable and would support evacuation.

Interim Report 2021.02.02

The above conclusion have been followed in some way, by the decisions in late 2019 to launch the Shoolscath project. As that project has not yet reached maturity, it cannot be said if the goals defined by the FedEvac AC will be reached by this project. If successful, the "highly portable skills" would be based on education, a path which was not predictable in 2015. The isolation situation is still present, but this time only because of the Star Sickness pandemic, which has hit the whole planet, but which will hopefully be resolved by end of 2021.

Interim Report 2021.06.13

The Black Thursday of 2021.06.03 has basically ended the Shoolscath project. The Dershowo Musograd, strongest state of the Federation, has been pushed into a turbulent and instable situation, weakened both physically and psychologically, while the other states have strived to make up for this by strengthening cooperation on all levels. A full withdrawal from the Shoolscath operating environment is seen to be highly advisable to avoid further losses.

The FedEvac Advisory Council has now been tasked with discussing future possible paths and strategies towards the future. Luckily, the economic situation of the FM is excellent, due to a prudent management by BoFM. In a first brainstorming round, the following options have been identified:

  1. Focus on the world class stamp manufacturing company yourstamps, by expanding production and targeting new markets, including electronic ones by tokenization of stamps. This may extend towards digital stamps to be used with emails, requiring mail client plugins for Thunderbird and others.
  2. Focus on the Climate and Ecological situation by orientating more ressources towards related projects. Work with existing organisations and start projects like the KF project which use contest based concepts to both generate and push ideas. It might be advisable to open a project office for backoffice support.
  3. Focus on Ecologically oriented hardware sales and promotion. Ideas range from a Eco-Power signaller to specialized solar cell tech offers. The concept combines specialized or customized hardware with consulting, like with a former Musogradian ergonomic IT hardware company.
  4. Focus on Education technologies. Knowledge gained during the Shoolscath project might be re-used here, as well as technological experience with the Webber system and its dev environment. This could be combined with limited service contracts in the former Shoolscath operations area.
  5. Focus on Musical projects, expanding the scope of the Musogradian classical radio Twentysound with a focus on interviews and / or podcasts with or about composers.

Tactical Recommendations 2021.06.19

While the full withdrawal from Shoolscath has not yet been implemented, the AC has decided on a number of recommedations:

  1. Focus on yourstamps as a long term economic base, also to manage certain external contract relationships.
  2. Establish a project tracking system based on bfui for external documentation and bundling, and on a day to day tracking of activities.
  3. Create a base office structure around selected core projects and develop timelines for the projects.
  4. Priorize projects according to feasability and urgency.
  5. Grow SW dev skillbase, including international outsourcing abilities.

Interim Notice 2021.08.27

Full Shoolscath evacuation has been implemented as of 2021.08.01. Strangely, the collapse of the Shoolscath project and its evacuation aftermath feel like a foreshadowing of the Afghanistan breakdown only weeks later. The focus of the new Musogradian "Phoenix Rising" government is now on stabilizing and rebuilding the state, with the support of those FM states which were not affected by the breakdown. As a first step, an external coaching contract has been signed, to be activated after the scheduled Musogradian elections on 2021.10.03.

The FedEvac Advisory Council has made the following observations in regards to the current state of the Dershowo Musograd:

  • Unfocussed governance leading to delays at all action levels.
  • Lack of authority of the central government.
  • Inertness and lack of clear directions for the future of the state.
  • PTSD like syndroms in large parts of the returned MA personell.

Traditional FM policy does not allow involvement in state matters, but the Dershowo is the heart of the Federation, which makes it mandatory to deviate from this policy in this case.

Status Observation 2023.09.05

While state structures