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Federal Electoral Commission

The Federal Electoral Commission organizes and supervises elections to the Federal Parliament in cooperation with the States of the Federation.

Federal Elections on 2023.02.12

The first Federal Elections of Musania will take place on 2023.02.12. Both the Members of the Federation Congress and the Federation Assembly will be elected on this date.

The following parties or alliances have registered for the Federation Assembly election:

  • AKP - "Alliance for Knowledge and Progress", progressive, founded by SCM (RC), SAN (SRM), Light! (RN), RNM (M), UBM (BR)
  • CHP - "Climate Healing and Nature Protection", ecologist, founded by CDN-E (M), PCP (RC), AlKhadra (SRM), YB (BR), Alljanza Chadra / Alleanza Verde (RN)
  • HDP - "Hope and Democracy for the People", liberal-populist, founded by ZN (M), SH (RC), Trader Alliance (RN), Najmat al amal (SRM), Di Baziz (BR)
  • MHP - "Musanian Homeland Party", conservative, founded by ZS and SLD (M), KDP (RN), AB (RC), BLP (BR), Democratic Convergence (SRM)
  • DP - "Democratic Party", pan-Musanian and social democratic, founded by SPD (M) and labour organisations in the states

Results of the Federal Elections on 2023.02.12:

FA Percentage18.418.44.637.212.2n/a
FA Seats212104315n/a
FC Percentage16.319.46.331.615.710.7
FC Seats16196321611