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The Federal Agricultural and Food Administration (FAFA) is an organisation which was founded many years before the Federated Micronations, in 1990, as National Agricultural and Food Administration. Its main purposes are:

  • Define standards for locally produced and imported food to protect the health of the citizens
  • Support ecologically oriented agriculture in the Federated Micronations and abroad

For these purposes, FAFA is authorized to issue decrees and guidelines valid in all Republics. FAFA will declare boycotts on foreign agricultural and food companies which do not comply with the set guidelines and decrees. These boycotts are implemented by the Federal Customs and Borders Authority (FCBA). Currently, the following boycotts are in place:

  1. against the Corporation of Nestlé for multiple ingressions, e.g. obfuscation of nutritional information
  2. against the Corporation of Coca-Cola for manufacture and distribution of extremely unhealthy drinks

A general censure exists against manufacturers of high-percentage alcoholic drinks. It is not true that this censure serves to provide FCBA agents with sufficient income.