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The Climate Emergency Response Action Group (CERAG) is a joint agency of the Federation and all its member states tasked with the coordination and amplification of efforts to mitigate the Climate Crisis. It covers a variety of directions:

  • Scientific research
  • Practical CO2 mitigation efforts
  • Climate crisis information distribution
  • Political action

The Climate Crisis is currently accellerating massively. The effects of climate change have been felt locally in many nations, with flash floods, heat waves and droughts wreaking havoc all over the world. At the same time, while political pressure for action is rising and paper commitments flow in, real political and citizen action is lacking, currently leading to a +2.7° world with all its consequences.

The FM and its member nations have decided to use their ressources to push for faster change, both with old and new projects and with national and international investments in green technology. On these pages, the respective projects will be presented, as well as research and information papers created by members of the CERAG team. Please note that those papers may not be the official CERAG position - they are published here anyway to enable open discussion.

For any questions or requests, contact CERAG through the FM State Department address - sd at federated-micronations.org.