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The Federal Micronations Technology Organisation fosters technological development and innovation within the Federated Micronations. It is authorised to set up independent companies, using Federal funds, which, if successful, are later privatized resp. sold to one or several Republics if deemed strategic.

Currently the following non-military projects are ongoing, in preparation or in the initial phase:

  • CAMELOT - an open source based secure conference telephony system using Stereo technology to position conference participants around a virtual round table. For this project, partners (also abroad) are welcomed to inquire! (2013.11.25: This idea was implemented by Dolby Inc. and will be offered by BT Teleconferencing. Congratulations!)
  • CHRYSALID - an open source based secure peer to peer email system based on multi-path split message technology, to be used for intra- and intermicronational secure communications. This project was suspended on 2013-04-01 as a similar open source project, bitmessage, was identified.
  • eSTAMP - an open source based plugin for existing email software (Thunderbird and possibly Outlook), with the purposes of securing the electronic transfer and filtering out unknown contacts while allowing through new contacts via a virtual stamp based voucher system. This project is in the feasability study phase. Connections with the bitmessage project will be evaluated.
  • PyLenko - an open source based secure database system with peer to peer replication on various platforms, using Python technology. The database was originally to be based and standardized on the existing ELENKO technology, but now bitcoin, JavaScript / node.js and blob technologies are being evaluated as a technical base. A first V0.0.1 prototype has been developed as of 2021.10.20.
  • RollerBase - a closed source Order Management Systems for certain trading companies within the Federated Micronations, based on Lotus Notes. This project has reached production, but due to dissolution of the corporation which used it, is currently inactive.
  • MStamp - a closed source protected stamp printing software for the Yourstamps printing company. The project has reached maturity.
  • Webber - an open source web content management software, used by various institutions and companies within the FM. The project is in production and active development, with this site and two commercial sites, yourstamps and ergotrip, managed by Webber. The software is available through OpenNTF .
  • sixbit - a web technology project marrying .bit technology with IPv6 hosting, to enable Micronations to host their own websites on their own territory at competitive rates.
  • elegia - a music composing software based on the elegia.dll library to generate MIDI files and a VB6 component to create algorithm-based compositions. elegia.dll has reached maturity in 2002; after a 11 year pause, it was rediscovered and the project reactivated. The elegia.dll library (Windows 32bit, closed source, actually due to loss of the source code at least currently totally closed source) is available upon request together with its API documentation. The software is now being used to create seeding data for another, external, music composition project, AIVA .
  • RM20, a highly customized Lotus Notes based solution to support mp3 management and id3 tagging, designed to link existing Elenko databases and the Musogradian state music collection with the twentysound.net web radio channel. RM20 technology contains import filters which are suitable for use in other projects, too.