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Federal Institute for Physical Sciences

The Federal Institute for Physical Sciences follows a genuinely Micronational concept of Science. This means that as no large ressources, neither financially nor timewise, are available to the Institute to execute research in the area of Physical Science, FIPS will work with concepts and ideas without any responsibility to follow them through. In other words, we replace research by educated guesses towards relevant questions of Physics and related sciences. But the famous "gut feeling" often has come to conclusions which much later were substantiated by science. Even Einstein, with his famous Cosmologic Constant, followed in a way his gut feeling, adding a "freely invented" parameter to his equations which today, after being ignored for several decades, is being recognized as real.

Undocumented cases of "gut feeling" in the area of astrophysics relate to the existence of extrasolar planets or to the concept of each galaxy rotating around a huge black hole. FIPS tries to document further concepts or ideas on this page which may be falsified, laughed at or confirmed by other institutions.

Extraterrestrial Life

FIPS expects Extraterrestrial Life to be quite common on planets which expose a climate similar to Earth and have larger bodies of liquid water. These lifeforms might be identified by spectral measurements in the near future.

Extraterrestrial Civilisations

Alien intelligences might be identified, although not "contacted", most probably by the discovery of active or passive artifacts within the Solar System. The extrasolar object Oumuamua might have been the first example of such an artifact. Open communication by alien intelligences is deemed to be much less probable due to the "Dark Forest" concept of a galactic environment prowled by unpredictable and potentially dangerous entities. (2021.02.13)

Description of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics as Multidimensional Algorithmic System

FIPS holds it for highly probable that a self-consistent and provable solution of Relativistic Quantum Gravity might be created on the basis of multidimensional algorithmic processes describing the behaviour of particles and fields. This can be understood as a complex multidimensional variant of John Conway's Game Of Life , with "time" and "space" just a result of the algorithm. We do not know if any attempts in this direction have been taken, but as the concept is in contradiction to theories operating on the assumption of "time" and "space" as physical realities, we assume there have not been many.

Gravitation and Antimatter

There is one property of antimatter which has not yet been measured with any precision. This is its gravitational property. This is caused by the difficulty to create neutral antimatter atoms, especially larger ones than hydrogen. FIPS holds it for possibe that antimatter exposes an anti-gravitational behaviour. Precision measures of this are slowly becoming possible. Such an observation might also point to the Multidimensional Algorithmc System concept.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

In most current theories of the Universe, "dark matter" and "dark energy" are seen as a given. Dark matter is seen a necessity for the observed movement of galaxies, while dark energy is required to describe the observed acceleration of the expansion of the universe. It is obvious to FIPS (and to many others) that these theories are somewhat unsatisfying. Dark matter seems to be stabilizing as a theory, though, with many observations confirming it although there have been no experimental hints on its properties yet. An alternative theory to "dark matter" is "Modified Newtonian Dynamics" (MOND). FIPS expects that a combination of Dark Matter and MOND might be the explanation for the observed behaviour. Regarding dark energy, this should be explained in the future by a global quantum gravitational theory.