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Operation Yanishov

In the 6 months after the end of Operation Shoolscath, the FM has been under severe internal and external pressure, resulting in the political breakdown of the Dershowo Musograd and a general stasis in all other states of the Federation. The foundation of the Joint Sovereign Forces and implementation of the FAiM has been the only ray of hope in that period, together with the concept of a Climate School developed at the Murwillian UoS. The goal of Operation Yanishov is to bundle these two forces and achieve a number of targets in the first half of 2022.

The core assumptions of Operation Yanishov are the following:

  • Star Sickness situation lessening in Spring 2022, but rising again in Autumn 2022.
  • Start of Ukraine war expected in February / March 2022, sending economic shockwaves through the worldwide economy

Strategic steps to be completed in 2022H1: (2022.01.18)

  • Financial redistribution and safeguarding measures - ongoing
  • Support FM reform and reorganisation process - ongoing
  • Climate School (CS) concept building - ongoing
  • Start process of self-employment - ongoing
  • Find allies for CS - ongoing
  • CS research and information collection process - ongoing

Status Update 2022.11.13

  • Predictions regarding Ukraine war and WW economic consequences were correct.
  • Financial measures were only partially successful in protecting FM assets.
  • FM reform process successfully concluded, although Musogradian reorganisation process ongoing
  • CS - Climate College concept launched
  • All other processes successfully concluded / ongoing