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The Federated Micronations of Musania welcome you to our official web site!

Due to their historic development since the 1980's, the Federated Micronations are a hybrid structure in several ways. Similar to a typical micronation, symbols of state like flags or stamps have been designed and printed, and a certain level of interaction between the FM and other Micronations takes place. There is even trade - yourstamps , a small but established stamp manufacturer, was founded in 2003 within the F.M. context and supplies various Micronations and other customers with postage stamps. And with twentysound , an internet radio dedicated to modern classical music from the 20th and 21st century which went online in 2013, the cultural values and ideas of the FM in regards to music have found a communication channel to the world.

On the other hand, the history and territory of the F.M. is only loosely bound to the world generally seen as the "real" one - the history contains biographic elements, and the territory is loosely mapped on a certain Central European country. The major historic and present politicians of the F.M. have no "real world" incarnations, and yours truly has never assumed any "head of state" title, only the title of "Postmaster General" for the two postal services operating in the F.M.. In that way, the FM are more like a story than a micronation.

One quite unusual way to follow this story is to look at the stamps issued over the years by these postal services, Posta tal Musograd and Capricornia Post . The first Musogradian stamps were issued in the early 1980's, the first Capricornian ones in 2006.

The highly federalized structure of the FM has developed over the years and was caused by diverging political ideas and thoughts, giving them room to develop. Biographic elements play an important role here, too. The active foreign policy of the State Departement, using Declarations, Reports and Unilateral Recognitions, is fueled by thoughts about the "real world" developments of the last decades, often analyzing them deeply, like in the case of the Russian threat to Ukraine .

The Federated Micronations have, together with Obscurium, Ducktionary, Edristan and Waronia, signed the Chyse Charter which renounces any violence between Micronations, accepts Macronational sovereignty and which condemn entities such as "Imperial Citizens", "Sovereign Citizens" and historical revisionist organisations.

I hope the occasional visitor will enjoy these ideas and their expression in the form of a complex micronation!

Juergen Schwarz, 2022.07.01

Map of the Federated Micronations:

Map of the Federated Micronations, 2021.06.01

On this site, you will find information on the 5 member nations of the Federal Micronations, on the Federal Capital Territory, and on the Federal institutions and public corporations.

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands is a multiethnic and multicultural federation, consisting of the following republics:

  • Balanda Republic
  • Republic of Capricornia
  • Repubblica Naquarnia
  • Scientific Republic of Murwillumbah
  • Dershowo (State of) Musograd with the autonomous Free Port of Kosnice

and the Federally administered Balangrad Capital Territory.

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands are usually abbreviated as Federated Micronations or FM. All Republics are Sovereign Countries, with their own defense forces. They have the right to leave the Federation at any time.